Adam’s Fiat

The first part of the story in genesis that involve both Adam and Eve together before the fall is surprisingly short. It is actually only a few sentences.  All that is written is exactly everything we need to know regarding God’s revelation of the earliest days of creation.  But I think we can still gain a lot of insight into a particular event that will help, especially men, approach the whole topic of dating and potential relationships.

Even after God had created everything, all the natural wonders, the trillions of stars and galaxies, mountains, oceans, waterfalls, beaches, rivers, and then populated them abundantly with life……Eve was the only thing that we know of, in ALL creation, that Adam actually got excited about!  

He says “At last! Finally!” He knew she was a game changer.  It was a great epiphany for Adam.  God had prepared him for it by waiting to unveil the crown jewel of creation at that time.  He had walked all over God’s green earth exploring and searching.  God waited to unveil the crown jewel, because God knows that men need to be prepared before encounters like this.

First, he recognized the glorious differences between himself and her, and those things got his attention, as it does every man.  At that time there were no disordered thoughts or desires as we are forced to deal with today.  They saw each other in their respective entireties, as is fitting even now.  Illuminated by friendship with God, they saw each other’s whole Nature.

The next thing he does is recognize their natural complementarity…..“This one, at last, is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”. Adam immediately recognized that Eve was not this distant, high on a pedestal, unattainable gift.  She was made for him, here and now.  

So without questioning his own nature he pretty much walks right up to her and asks her out!  What he never did was ask all his animal friends (regular friends in our case) their opinions on the matter.  If anything, they probably said to themselves “Great, our buddy has a girlfriend and we’re probably never going to hangout.”  

It is also not actually written in Genesis what Eve’s response to Adam was.  That’s because it doesn’t need to be said.  Everybody knows that women are attracted to guys with that kind of enthusiasm and confidence.  Women especially know that If you aren’t generally excited about women, she’s going to think you don’t personally find her exciting and she’s not going to like you.

The glorious differences and the natural complementarity between Men and Women are something to get excited about!  So gentlemen, if you think you want a date, a girlfriend, a spouse….learn from Adam’s fiat and know it in your bones that you were made for this type of encounter!!